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Ross Bagley

Date Of Birth: 5th December 1988
Place Of Birth: Los Angeles


Ross Stewart Bagley currently lives in his home town with his mother.

He was first introduced to acting when a talent manager discovered him during choir performance at the First A.M.E. Church in Los Angeles.  

He enjoys singing and dancing and often performs with a choir.


::  Film  ::

Independence Day, 1996 (Dylan Dubrow)
Eye for an Eye, 1996 (Sean Kosinsky)
Babe, 1995 (voice of Puppy)
The Little Rascals, 1994 (Buckwheat)

::  TV  ::

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, 1994 (Nicholas 'Nicky' Andrew Banks)

::  TV Guest Appearance  ::

The Wild Thornberrys, 1999 ( voice of Hutu)
Providence, 1999 (Eldon)
Profiler, 1996

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